Pilates Vs Yoga

By Patricia | March 19, 2009
Pilates And Yoga For Complete Fitness

Pilates Vs Yoga

When you think of Pilates and Yoga, you often tend to think of Yoga as “spiritual” and Pilates as a rather self-indulgent, physical practice. Yoga has had a long standing tradition of spiritual practice, of being a spiritual path by itself. On the other hand, Pilates might or might not be in such a spiritual context as Yoga, as you don’t, generally, find meditation or chanting at these sessions. However, the exercises, poses and breathing techniqes taught here are very beneficial.

Pilates is a rather modern style, compared to Yoga. It was developed and refined in the 1920's by Joseph Pilates of Germany who came up with this unique system of exercises designed to reinforce and tone up the physique without developing bulk. Pilates exercises and practices are designed to develop sinuous, lean muscles and give practitioners flexibility, natural grace and poise that are unmistakably reflected even in the way they walk, play and work.

Pilates Yoga Fitness

Actually, the Pilates workout system has, for its basis, ancient Yogasanas (poses) designed to help relieve tensions, stress and anxiety. This perhaps is the reason for the association between Yoga and Pilates. In fact, quite frequently many people look for both while seeking out an effective fitness regimen. The great part is that you can make Pilates an integral part of one’s exercise and health routine to help improve your overall health. For the most part, it stresses the need for developing your own inner physical strength and to stretch your spine. For many years now, Pilates has been successfully applied in the fitness routines of dancers, and more recently times, it has gained more popularity mainly on account of its wonderful body sculpting effect.

Pilates can work wonders if you aim to enhance your overall strength, well being and sense of confidence. While different types of exercises and workout regimens help increase strength and confidence, Pilates achieves this very efficiently. It helps improve your posture, enhances your flexibility and increases overall strength and vitality. Pilates also do a great job of strengthening your back, neck and abdominal muscles. It is no secret that strength and suppleness are the way to a healthy back and good posture. In the context of physical and non spiritual discipline we could safely assume that there is nothing better than Pilates for a good body and great posture.

Best of all, Pilates are integrative; they are associated with bringing down levels of stress and anxiety and improving overall well-being. For this reason, they are nowadays also used as rehabilitative systems. They can be altered to suit a wide spectrum of people and fitness levels. Above all, Pilates support the attainment of extremely high levels of body-mind fitness levels.

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