Lean Up Yoga Poses

By Patricia | April 19, 2009
Lean Up Yoga Poses

In order to lean up or maintain a vertical alignment of your spine, yoga can be extremely useful. It is a harmless, drug-free alternative form of therapy. This therapy is an ancient discipline that has its origins in India several thousands of years ago. Yoga is known to heal the body and help it in rejuvenating itself.

To help you with leaning up, yoga has useful 'asanas' or postures and 'pranayama' or breathing techniques. To begin with, try the mountain pose or 'Tadasana'. In this pose, you need to stand upright with your feet slightly apart, close your eyes, and relax your body. Try to keep your mind clear of any thoughts and concentrate on your body. This will help you increase your awareness of your body and you will be able to understand your posture and alignment better.

To make your back muscles stronger so that it is easier to lean up, 'Utkatasana' or the chair pose is useful. In this pose, you need to bend your knees and position your body as if you were seated on a chair. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and gradually increase the time. The entire weight of the body rests on the lower back and this is a useful exercise in toning the back muscles.

Another good exercise to increase the flexibility of your spine is 'Halasana' or the plough pose. For this pose, lie down on your back and raise your legs behind your head such that your legs touch the floor. This pose helps you achieve a new structure for your back as you work your neck and shoulder muscles. It is also extremely useful in relieving stiffness in the back muscles.

'Bakasana' or the crane pose is an excellent asana to improve your sense of balance and co-ordination which will help you in leaning up. Crouch down on the floor, put your hands flat on the ground, lift your feet off the ground and balance your body on your hands. By doing this asana, your back is fully lengthened and it gives your spine a long lateral stretch.

Breathing exercises like Ujjayi breathing are also useful. With this exercise, your belly, rib cage and lungs are filled with air. This long breath makes your abdominal and chest muscles strong enough to support your back muscles.

If a pose is too difficult or causes you pain, try a different pose or attend a yoga class with a practitioner for guidance.

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