Yoga Poses For Ultimate Relaxation And Sleep

By Patricia | April 17, 2009
Yoga To Relax The Body And Mind

Is there any yoga pose that relaxes the mind and boosts sleeping mood?

Any mental tension or physical pain or stress can interfere with good sleep. If this extends over a long period of time, we say that the person suffers from insomnia. Medications for insomnia come with their own side-effects. Yoga's poses, which include slow and complete stretching, relaxes the body. In addition to relaxation, yoga also helps to ease mental tension and thus promotes sound sleep.

Diaphragmatic Breathing helps to learn deep breathing right from the belly. The pressing down of the diaphragm helps to slow down the heartbeat and improve circulation, thus providing a natural release for stress.

Alternate Nostril Breathing includes inhaling from one nostril, holding the breath in the lungs for some time, and slowly exhaling from the other nostril. This concentration on the breathing technique restores the proper balance of the breathing pattern, which in turn calms the mind and helps the body to relax
Lion's Breath is a pose which may seem silly, because it means kneeling on the floor on your heels, sticking out your tongue and exhaling with your mouth wide open, while at the same time making a 'hhaahh' sound while exhaling. But it is very effective for releasing the tension in the face and jaw. It also promotes health of the throat.

Breath of Fire (Kapalabhati) is also a breathing technique, where one inhales slowly through the nose, and then expels it quickly by sharply contracting the abdominal muscles. This pose is very helpful for improving concentration and increasing energy levels. It also tones the muscles of the abdomen and the diaphragm. It also helps to improve the circulation of oxygen.

Child's Pose imitates the baby's curled up posture in the womb. First kneel on the floor, with your legs a little apart and gradually bring your entire body forward, till your forehead touches the floor. Breathe in and out slowly. This pose stretches the muscles of the spine, and helps to relax the neck and back. It is also beneficial for the organs in the abdomen.

Squatting Pose relieves strain in the back and increases strength and flexibility in hips, thighs, knees and ankles.

Crocodile Pose, which is done lying on the belly, reduces muscular tension and helps to relieve anxiety and stress. It also aids good digestion.

Bridge pose, which is done lying on the back is another pose, which by stretching the back muscles, increases the flexibility of the spine, strengthens the gluteal and leg muscles, and gives relief from tension in the shoulders and back.

Shoulder Rolls include rotating the shoulders in a circular motion, first forwards and then backwards. This helps to stretch shoulder joints, and relieves tension in the shoulder and neck, while also strengthening those muscles between the shoulder blades.

Corpse Pose entails lying supine and still after all the other poses are over. This is the ultimate relaxation and release of tension.

Most of these poses can be done on your bed just before you sleep, and since they are slow, gentle and de-stressing, they help one to fall asleep soon.

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