Get Rid Of Stress During Pregnancy With Yoga

By Patricia | October 13, 2008
Yoga For Stress During Pregnancy

Relaxation Meditation

Pregnancy is a time of major change; you begin to feel the changes taking shape in your body; your hormones are fluctuating; your emotions range from excitement to nervousness. This can be a very confusing time and can lead to a lot of stress. Meditation can do wonders for you in this period.
Yoga’s meditation techniques can help the mother-to-be in many different ways, the most effective of which is fighting off the stress and anxiety associated with pregnancy. Emotional distress, and its physical manifestations, in the mother can have an impact on the unborn baby too. Through meditation you can instill inner harmony. This decreases stress and anxiety. It also helps ease the physical conditions brought on by pregnancy.

The best part of meditation is that it is simple to undertake and effective. You don’t require any equipment, just some space to practice. Meditation doesn’t incorporate any complicated postures or exercises that’ll put a strain on your body. It can be done while lying down, sitting on a couch or on the floor. Just make sure your spine and head are held straight. Support your lower back with a cushion.

In addition to helping you cope with anxiety during pregnancy, meditation will help you grow mentally and emotionally stronger. It will also prove helpful during labor. When the body is in pain it produces adrenalin, which may affect your progress through labor. Deep breathing during meditation helps to relax the mind and body. Regular meditation will also teach you to detach from the pain and stop your muscles from clenching during labor.

Along with combating stress, meditation also makes a positive impact on overall health. Regular practice can help lower your pulse rate and blood pressure. Many pregnant women suffer from disturbed sleep patterns at a time when they should be getting as much rest as possible. Poor sleeping patterns in turn bring on stress, lethargy and mood swings. Meditation helps you sleep calmly and gives you uninterrupted sleep, while the associated breathing techniques provide oxygen to the body. Meditation keeps the mother healthy and as a result ensures a positive environment for the unborn baby too.

Stress and anxiety during pregnancy also results in pre and postnatal depression. It is a very trying time for young mothers. They are experience conflicting emotions of joy and depression. Meditation helps you to beat the depression and enables you to truly enjoy this period of your life.

Prenatal Class

While meditation can be practiced at home, the more viable option is to join a prenatal class. This way you benefit from professional advice and also get to interact with other mothers going through the same experiences. This can prove to be a very therapeutic experience. Not only will meditation during pregnancy help you grow stronger it will also play a significant role in the development of a healthy baby.

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