Stress Healing Yoga Poses

By Patricia | October 13, 2008
Stress Healing Yoga Poses


Stress and Tension is a part and parcel of modern living. We live in a world where everything needs to happen “right now.” Work schedules, school, meetings, laundry, bills, loans, deadlines, exams, promotions, family, health – everything must be squeezed in. As a result you go to bed with stress, wake up with stress and carry stress around all day long. The situation is further aggravated if you have no time to focus on yourself. It now snowballs into a range of complexities and manifests in a variety of physical symptoms.

Stress is a byproduct of stress and anxiety. If you don’t deal with the problem, or continue obsessing over it, the stress manifests in several physical and psychological symptoms. These include depression, panic attacks, high blood pressure, chest pain, etc. If you happen to suffer from stress, yoga is your best chance.

Yoga is a holistic fitness regime that aims to create harmony between the mind and the body through postures, deep breathing and meditation. It is an excellent solution against stress and anxiety. The best and most common way of dealing with stresss is to practice the Sun Salutation, or Hatha Yoga regularly.

Types Of Stress

Stress can manifest in two ways:

Physical Stress – Physical stress manifests itself in muscular stress. It affects the major muscle groups, the nervous system, tissues and glands. The neck, shoulders and back are stress hot zones. How many times do you need a shoulder rub after a tough day? Most yoga postures are designed to stretch and work the muscles; these poses work and strengthen the muscles in the problem areas and also incorporate flexibility and mobility. Through regular practice of yoga, you will feel the stresss in your lower back, neck and shoulders ease away.

Considering a lot of stress is work related, many symptoms might flare up at your work table. Lucky for you, yoga can be practiced anywhere, even at your desk at work, at school, or while commuting. By using simple yoga techniques you’ll be able to nip the stress in the bud. Further, through the practice of yoga, you’ll build up the body’s resistance to many aliments. Yoga also helps the mind grow stronger, thereby ensuring that it combats stress at its most fundamental stage.

Mental Stress – The human mind is constantly overcrowded with thoughts, ideas and memories. It is constantly thinking and rethinking, analyzing, judging, and contemplating. The mind absorbs all the day’s proceedings and churns it around. When this happens for a prolonged time without any relief, it can cause mental fatigue. If stress and anxiety, induced by daily trivialities, are added to this equation, the effects can be very harsh; the onset of stress and anxiety further result in stress, negativity and depression.

Yoga’s deep breathing and meditation techniques are a great way to battle stress. Through meditation you can teach the mind to control its own environment. You can teach it to detach from the little bothersome details and focus on achieving stillness. This helps you rise above the stress. Deep breathing ensures a steady supply of oxygen to the brain, which brings vitality and further reduces stress.

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