Yoga Exercises That Are Not Safe during Pregnancy

By Patricia | September 4, 2008
Pregnant? Avoid These Yoga Poses!

Before I talk on this topic let me first address the issue of whether Yoga should actually be performed during pregnancy. Doctors are a little divided on this issue. Although most doctors increasingly support the practice of Yoga during pregnancy a large number of the medical community still has some reservations.

It is best to seek your doctor’s opinion and to trust your own body. There have been recorded instances of women performing Yoga throughout their pregnancy and delivering a healthy baby. However, many of the women in these studies had already been avidly practicing Yoga for years before their pregnancy.

If you have never practiced Yoga before, I would advise you to wait until after your delivery. This will help to avoid any unnecessary complications and will also ensure that your body returns to its pre-pregnancy state in a short period of time.

However, if you have been regularly practicing Yoga, you may continue to do so, provided that your doctor agrees. In any case, the more vigorous forms of Yoga such as Power Yoga or Bikram Yoga should be avoided during your pregnancy. Instead I would suggest that you practice a more sedate form of Yoga such as Kripalu Yoga or Ananda Yoga. It is also a good idea to tell your Yoga teacher that you are pregnant. He or she may be able to suggest specific Yoga exercises that will be beneficial for you and your unborn child.

There are also Prenatal Yoga classes that are specifically designed taking into account the needs of pregnant women. This form of gentle yoga can help you to adjust to the physical and mental demands placed by pregnancy.

Following Yoga Postures to be avoided during pregnancy:

Poses that involve backbends, headstands, handstands and the upward bow such as the Dhanura Asana (Bow Pose), Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder stand) and Sirsha Asana (Head stand) should be avoided. Also avoid poses that involve stretching of the abdominal muscles such as the Pavan Mukta Asana (Wind Releasing Posture), Hala Asana (Plow Pose) and the Ushtra Asana (Camel Posture). After the first trimester you should also avoid any poses that are performed while lying on your back such as the Matsya Asana (Fish Posture). You should also avoid poses that involving balancing your body’s weight on one foot such as the Ekpada Asana (One legged pose) or the Natraja Asana (King of Dance Pose).

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