Stretching Exercises For Splits

By Patricia | August 4, 2010
Stretching For Splits

The split is considered to be a position which is a great indicator of a person’s flexibility. Splits are done in gymnastics and also done in dance movements. Cheer leading groups also do splits as part of their routines as do martial arts performers. What is essential is that the person should do the right kind of stretching for a split. This stretching for splits could be done for both, side splits and also for front splits. However, these stretches tend to use different muscles for these different splits. Prior to doing a split one should do an adequate amount of warm up. This warm up involves doing either some active walking or some jogging for at least 5 to 10 minutes. One should remember to keep themselves very well hydrated through the entire warm up and stretching sessions. Drinking plenty of water is essential. When doing these stretching for splits, one should wear the right kind of clothing. This includes wearing bike pants or clothing that is the stretchy kind. One should avoid wearing jeans or any kind of clothing that is restrictive or confining. Even wearing pajamas is good. When doing these stretches one should remember to keep their back in the straight position. Start by sitting on a mat on the ground or directly on the floor. Next proceed to straighten the legs directly in front. Next, reach down the legs trying to touch the toes. Through this stretch it is essential to keep the back totally straight and prevent it from arching. One should try to keep their chest close to their own legs and not their arms. This stretch needs to be maintained for at least 25 to 30 seconds. The next stretch could be done as a variation of this one. Start by bending the right leg and then practice this maneuver. Next switch over to the left leg. Throughout this exercise it is essential to keep the back straight to get maximum benefit.

Next proceed to sit with both legs being kept at right angles. One should be stretched to the side and the other stretched straight ahead. Then the person should stretch towards the right leg and maintain this position for about 20 to even 30 seconds. Next one should switch over to the left leg. One should always keep their back straight. Another stretch involves keeping the legs in the 90 degrees position and then stretching.

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