Effects Of Running On Metabolism, Endorphins And Testosterone

By Patricia | August 15, 2010
Running And Metabolism

Metabolism is a process through which your body burns up calories to keep it going. Any activity that you do be it an active one or a sedentary one, it produces a certain amount of energy that is vital for your body to keep functioning. Your body structure and composition and the amount of exercise that you do determines your rate of metabolism as it uses the body fat to produce energy. Running and metabolism go hand in hand because exercising requires more energy and the rate of metabolism will decide the supply of energy. Running can have a twofold effect on metabolism. Firstly it affects the rate of metabolism while you are running. This will also be different. If you take a quick 20 minute run you can burn up to 300 calories as you are running. The other effect is after you have stopped exercising, your metabolic rate continue to burn up calories till 10 hours after your exercise till you become normal again. Running is also said to increase hormonal activity and it is observed that increased hormonal activities are said to fuel metabolism. The thyroid gland is actively responsible for this since it produces more hormones to control and increase your metabolism. Some research has suggested that running and testosterone also have an effect on each other. It has been observed that regular runners and athletes have a higher testosterone levels than people who are more into endurance running. Therefore to increase testosterone you could increase your running to a higher output, try to change you pattern of running from a placid jog to a faster run and then a sprint. This kind of training can lead to an increase in testosterone in men. Apart from this while running your pituitary gland releases endorphins, these are neuro-chemicals that block pain and give a sense of excitement or bliss. These endorphins can be the cause of a popular syndrome called “runner’s high.” This refers to a state of mind where the runner is consumed an unexplained thrill and make him feel great not just for the time after his run but it also acts as a motivator and keeps him active and ecstatic through the day. Running and endorphins can become an addictive combination. It can cause damage and abuse to the body in the long run and can also eventually lead to disability. Therefore considering all things it is best to draw up a running regime which would prove to be beneficial both for your metabolism and to stay fit.

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