Long Distance Running & Weight Training Workouts

By Patricia | December 2, 2010
Running Long Distances

Obesity is one of the most common conditions affecting millions all over the world and the fact that most of the dangers that it causes are only likely to rear their heads when the condition has spiraled out of control means that a number of people are unaware of the extent to which their lives will be affected. Complications such as heart failure as well as chronic respiratory illness are a common occurrence and will cause a substantial amount of distress over the course of the individualā€™s life. Running is considered to be one of the most effective methods of weight loss given the fact that it builds up a significant amount of intensity as well as requires a number of muscle groups to work in tandem to achieve the goal that has been set. The effectiveness of running will depend primarily on the distance covered as well as the intensity with which the course has been completed. As a result, the most intense workout will theoretically be a sprint for as long as possible. However, the body will not be able to sprint over significant areas, with even the best sprinters running a maximum of about 400 meters at full acceleration.

Long Distance Cross Country Running Training

Long distance running training is a must when choosing to run an extensive course as it is not realistic for someone who has barely trained to dash headfirst into a grueling fitness schedule. The leg and body muscles will have to be strengthened as well as made more agile for an individual to maneuver a course more efficiently. Factors like the breathing patterns as well as body form will play a significant role in the individuals ability as will the adrenaline that his or her body can pump at the time. One of the key long distance running training tips is to avoid running fast at the initial stages, but instead to run slowly for the first few miles while your muscles open up, allowing you to conserveĀ  your energy for stages in the race where you can maximize your advantage. Another very important tip for cross country running training is to ensure that you do not allow your body to dehydrate during the course. It is important to drink as much water as possible even when you are not thirsty. Long distance running training also requires you to ensure your body gets enough rest to ensure that the muscles are able to repair themselves at various intervals. There are a number of long distance running training schedules and long distance running workout plans that are available through sources such as the internet as well as your local bookstore that will help you decide your most effective method of training.

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