Strengthening and Stretching Exercises For Runners

By Patricia | December 2, 2010
Runners Exercises

Every professional or amateur runner needs to follow a proper workout regime. Apart from running practice, there are several exercises for runners that should also be a part of the workouts for runners. There are three things that every good runner requires, in order to be successful and these include strength, flexibility and stamina. Regular running and sprinting practice can gradually help runners build their stamina, but in order to increase their strength and flexibility, they need to perform additional muscle-strengthening and stretching exercises for runners.

Several runners develop higher muscle strength with the help of certain exercises that either use machines of free weights. For the most effective results, strength training workouts for runners should be strenuous, but short. Each workout session should take no more than 30 minutes and they should be scheduled two or three times a week. Some of the most effective machine exercises for runners that should be performed are leg press, pullover, triceps extension, heel raise, lateral raise, low back extension, chest crossover, abdominal flexion and biceps curl. There are also certain free weight exercises for runners, which can help build strength in different parts of the body. Some of the most common weight lifting exercises for runners include:

  • Shoulder shrug with dumbbells, to work the upper trapezius muscles.
  • Standing biceps curl, with dumbbells for working the bicep muscles
  • Bent arm lateral raise with dumbbells for the deltoid muscles
  • The bicycle maneuver, for the abdominal muscles
  • Triceps curls with dumbbells to works the triceps muscles

Stretching exercises for runners

Several runners and sprinters spend some time performing stretching exercises before  every practice session. However, it is also a good idea to add these stretching exercises for runners, to a workout routine. Some of the most effective stretching exercises for runners are:

  • The Soleus stretch
  • Splits
  • Lunges
  • Heel drop
  • Hang ten
  • Flamingo

Apart from stretching and strengthening exercises, there are also AB exercises for runners that can help increase one’s level of fitness. For people who are suffering from knee problems, there are certain exercises for runners knee too, that can improve the overall health and functioning of the knee. However, before practicing any of the exercises for runners, it is important to check with a doctor and check with a fitness instructor too. In case any of the exercises lead to any discomfort or muscle pain, they should be stopped immediately.

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