Reflexology: A Natural Healing Process And Preventive Treatment For Sinus

By Patricia | November 19, 2008
Reflexology For Sinusitis Treatment

The most common condition related to the sinus is sinusitis. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the linings of the sinuses that surround the nose. Other medical conditions include increased blockage or pressure in the sinus, or sinus infections. All these problems result in other physical symptoms such as headaches, congestion, fever, or general weakness. The most common solution to the above is the use of broad spectrum antibiotics, or in a milder case, simple nasal drops and analgesics. If medication does not provide a cure, or you would like to extend the range of treatment, you could opt for an alternative therapy like reflexology.

Using reflexology to combat sinus conditions is fairly new, although reflexology itself is a few thousand of years old. According to reflexologists, the health of the body can be improved by manipulating the energy flow or ‘Qi’ in your body. ‘Qi’ flows through your body along different lines of energy or ‘meridians’. By massaging the pressure points along these energy lines, the flow of energy to the sinus can be stimulated and any imbalance can be corrected to ensure overall health.

Before commencing the therapy, a reflexologist will make a full assessment of the patient’s condition. He or she will enquire about the patient’s medical history, including past illnesses and lifestyle. In this manner, the treatment most suited to you can be administered. The reflexologist then begins to work on the reflex areas to treat the sinus problem and associated symptoms.

Sinus problems are usually caused due to a blockage of the drainage pathways from the sinuses to the back of the nose, mostly due to an infection. Reflexology can release these blockages and restore the free flow of energy to the whole body. Once the air pathways have been cleared, the attached physical symptoms get treated too. However, for symptomatic relief, reflex points associated with the head and lungs can be stimulated as well.

You will be able to feel the benefits after only a couple of sessions of treatment. Several studies have indicated that after a few sessions, breathing patterns have been better with lesser congestion and pain associated with sinusitis has reduced too.

Reflexology helps stimulate the body’s natural healing process and is therefore excellent as a preventive treatment for sinus. However, this therapy should not be used in isolation. If a medical condition persists, please consult a doctor. You should also consume a diet that does not encourage this condition.

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