What Is Chinese Reflexology?

By Patricia | November 17, 2008
Chinese Reflexology Techniques

Reflexology is a type of alternative therapy that involves the application of pressure to the feet and hands, with the goal of improving general health. Early forms of reflexology were found in Egypt, Greece, and the Middle East. Chinese reflexology is a part of traditional Chinese medicine and began as early as 2nd Century BC with foot massage techniques.

Chinese reflexology is based on the notion that our body parts and functions correspond to specific areas on our hands and feet. Thus, by pressing the pressure points on our hands and feet, the energy flow to the corresponding body parts can be stimulated.

This theory revolves around ‘Qi’ or the energy flowing through your body. Reflexologist believe that an ailment in the human body occurs due to an imbalance in your ‘Qi’ or due to a ‘blockage’ in the energy flow. ‘Qi’ flows through your body along twelve energy lines or ‘meridians’. These meridians are associated with specific body parts and functions and are divided into two groups- Yin and Yang. The solid Yin organs such as the kidney, liver and so on are responsible for storing blood, nutrients and body fluids. The hollow Yang organs like the intestines, on the other hand, are involved in regulating the body. There is a constant interaction between the two forces and an imbalance between them results in an ailment. By stimulating your ‘Qi’ using reflexology, an imbalance in your body can be corrected, and overall health restored. Chinese acupuncture was developed from the same precis as above.

Treatment For Chinese Reflexology

Modern reflexology is a derivative of Chinese reflexology. The treatment begins with the reflexologist discussing your complete health history involving medical conditions, lifestyle habits, emotions, and so on. By doing so, the most effective form of treatment, specific to your requirements can be given. The reflexologist usually uses his hands to stimulate your ‘Qi’. Sometimes, tools such as reflexology rollers or mats can be utilized as well.

Chinese reflexology encourages the circulation of blood through the body and it is therefore effective against conditions like body aches, gastric disorders, and sleeping problems. It is further being used against chronic conditions like migraine, asthma, and diabetes. It has also shown positive results against psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.

Like Chinese acupuncture, Chinese reflexology is also a non-invasive, painless technique. However, sometimes you might experience a tingling sensation in your body. It is vital to consume a healthy diet and regularly exercise while you practice Chinese reflexology.

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