Yoga And Tai Chi

(July 2, 2010)

What is the difference between yoga and tai-chi?

Tai Chi is a tradition Chinese martial art form. Its application is based more on the health of the individual than on any combat procedure. Tai Chi is believed to improve one’s health and promote long life. Tai Chi can also be used as for demonstrations. Tai Chi focuses on breathing techniques as well as light, medium and heavy combat techniques. Some basic Tai Chi techniques focus on the arms. This is where the ‘pushing arms’ technique comes from. Tai Chi follows a sequence of activities which is to be performed by a student. The student is expected to perform a variety of positions and movements and may be expected to repeat these as well. Tai Chi focuses on improving the fluidity and posture during these poses so that the balance of the student improves. When Tai Chi routines are correctly performed, it is believed that the student will gain from improved posture, improve circulation and improved concentration.

Yoga is an ancient Indian practice. It is believed that Yoga originated many thousands of years ago in ancient India. Modern Yoga is a result of the continuous evolution of the process. Today there are many different forms of Yoga that follow branches of the various schools of thought that exist within Yoga itself. Some branches are more aggressive and exercise based while others are more relaxed and meditation based. It is not necessary that a person practicing any one form of Yoga is exempt from any other form of Yoga.

Yoga does not have any combat associated with it. It is purely designed to improve the flexibility, strength and circulation in the body, but the relationship between yoga and tai chi is one that has grown and been shaped over time. It is similar to Tai Chi because both are designed for health and longevity reasons. While Tai Chi focuses on continuous movements and following a routine, Yoga is more based on the desire and need of the student at the time. A Yogi can practice any routine that he or she wishes without restriction. The idea is that each routine has a logical flow and that the positions within the routine are accurate and balanced.

There are several warm up positions in yoga and tai chi that share uncanny similarities. This is probably because of the continuous commercial ties between India and Asia which have existed for thousands of years. Yoga, however, can be performed completely solo and without instruction whereas Tai Chi is more interactive and often is performed under instruction.

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