Reasons For Headache Or Migraines After Bikram Yoga

By Patricia | December 8, 2008
Bikram Yoga For Overall Fitness

Why Does Bikram Yoga Give Me Headaches

Dehydration might be causing headaches after your Bikram yoga sessions. Vitamin water is the solution to eliminating headaches here. Well, dehydration might be the cause of problems for beginners because Bikram yoga is also known as Hot Yoga. It is generally practiced in a room that is heated to 40.5°C or 105°F with humidity levels of 40%. Every class is guided by dialogue and sessions include 26 postures and two breathing exercises. Every class lasts for about 90 minutes. A vigorous form of yoga, a session at such high temperatures leads to sweating. It’s believed that sweating is a way of getting rid of the toxins in the body. It also makes the body warm, which leads to flexibility and suppleness. It’s also believed that heated studios can help practitioners stretch more, relieve tension faster and the heat can detoxify the body quickly. A combination of asanas and pranayama, Bikram yoga is good for overall fitness.

Points you need to consider: If you have headaches after every session of Bikram yoga, then think about the amount of water that you’ve had before and during the session. Also think if you pushed yourself too hard during the session or if you’ve eaten anything different before practicing yoga. You should also think of the way you’ve done the postures, and if you need to go over your back bends and shoulder and beck postures with your yoga instructor once more. Doing yoga poses in a wrong manner can lead to problems like aches and pains, muscle pull and headaches.

If these are your first few classes of Bikram yoga, then it might not be unusual to feel dizzy or suffer from a headache. Practicing rigorous yoga in a heated room can initially lead to some symptoms like these.


Here are a few tips to help you cope with headaches after Bikram yoga -

  • You also need to listen to your body while you practice Bikram yoga. Do not push yourself too hard. If you’d rather take a few breaks while doing the session, feel free to do so.
  • It’s also important to drink lots of water. Your body needs to be hydrated through the day and especially so while practicing Bikram yoga. Since you’ll be sweating profusely, you need to make up for the loss of water. You may need another 65-80 ounces of water over your normal requirement if you practice this yoga. Plenty of water will help you tolerate the heat and enjoy the practice. Also take electrolyte tablets.
  • Rest after your Bikram yoga class.
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