Yoga Poses Which Help To Cope With Fertility Issues

By Patricia | December 8, 2008
Yoga Poses That Help Conception Chances

Yoga For Fertility

Yoga is supposed to be good for fertility issues. Hatha yoga is more beneficial if you’re trying to conceive instead of vigorous forms like Power yoga. Couples suffering from fertility issues or just trying to conceive have a lot on their plate – doctor’s appointments, monitoring ovulation cycles, timing intercourse. This is the time to take extra care of yourself and try to keep yourself calm and happy. Yoga is just the thing you need to keep yourself healthy and happy as you try to conceive.

Doctors generally recommend using yoga with other medical treatments to help women de-stress and enhance the chances of pregnancy. Certain studies have shown that women who tried yoga while trying to conceive were three times more likely to conceive than those who did not do yoga.

Benefits While Trying To Conceive

  • Stress can interfere with your ovulation and menstrual cycle, while stress can also affect your husband’s sperm producing capability. Yoga will help both of you to de-stress.
  • If a couple does yoga together, they can not only strengthen their relationship, but can help each other cope with the anxiety as they try for a baby.
  • There are specific yoga poses that can prepare the woman’s body for conception. Yoga asanas can remove stress from the region of the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes, and can soften the abdomen. Poses where you need to recline stretch the abdomen and increase the circulation of blood to the reproductive organs.
  • Yoga poses can be used after intercourse to increase your chances of conception. Viparita Kirani (Legs up the wall posture), where you need to put your legs up the wall, is good for conception.
  • Yoga can be good for you if you have certain hormonal problems that are restricting conception. Yoga asanas improve the function of the glands.
  • While yoga may not be the only way to increase your chances of fertility, fertility focused yoga can help you conceive.

Here are a few yoga poses to cope with fertility issues -

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord Of The Fish Pose)

This posture is good for back problems. It is not only good for conception; this asana improves appetite and digestion, relives menstrual discomfort, asthma and strengthens the back and spine. A good pose for energizing the entire body.

Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe posture)

This posture is not only good for the spine and for conception, it also strengthens the knees, reduces menstrual problems, sciatica and blood pressure; and stimulates the prostrate glands.

Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend)

This asana is also good for conception and fertility issues.

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