Benefits of Chiropractic Physical and Massage Therapy

By Patricia | April 14, 2009
Chiropractic Physical Therapy

Every ancient culture known to man has at some point or the other used spinal manipulation as a healing technique. The Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese have all used this form of manipulation and adjustments to treat disorders. However it was never as recognized as it is today with due credit to its founder Daniel Palmer. Today chiropractic is considered an alternative healing therapy which has a world wide following and is one of the most sought after primary health care techniques.

In 1985, Daniel Palmer, then a magnetic healer, postulated that cure to all diseases lay in realigning the spine. He proposed a theory that the misaligned spinal vertebrae interrupted the smooth flow of the nerve energy between the brain and various parts of the body. Hence, according to him, the easiest way to rid the disease was by physically realigning the spine and restoring the energy flow.

Chiropractic physical therapy was originally practiced without assessing the disorder either because of the lack of diagnostic tools or may be because of its basic tenet that the body is a healer in itself and the cure of all diseases lays in an aligned spine with well placed vertebrae. Today the therapy is done following an assessment of the ailments. Assessment is usually done using x-rays, ultrasound, applied kinesiology, and bioenergy synchronization.

Typically a chiropractic practitioner makes structural adjustments to the various regions of the spine which, in chiropractics, are believed to be associated with different body parts and ailments. He makes the adjustments in various ways, but mostly using physical pressure. In addition he can suggest massage therapy, which helps boost bloody supply and relieve tension in the soft tissue associated with the misplaced vertebrae. Chiropractic massage therapy is often prescribed to accelerate recovery. It uses techniques such as kneading, stretching, and ice compresses to improve soft tissue condition and improve circulation and removal of toxins. It is recommended that the chiropractic session and massage session be scheduled at close intervals to gain maximum benefit.

Chiropractic and physical therapy also go hand in hand. Physical therapy is often prescribed to improve movement that has ceased or is uncertain either due to injury or other physical ailments. In such times, chiropractic and physical therapy often compliment one another. Chiropractic is particularly effective in musculoskeletal disorders and for relieving pain associated with them. People suffering from physical disabilities or those suffering from injuries and have been prescribed physical therapy benefit greatly from chiropractic care and many have reported a speedy recovery.

Although modern medicine may not recognize this therapy system, one cannot deny the fact that the spine is indeed very crucial to body function, and just as modern medicine has its theories on which it is based, chiropractic has its own, which have proved their mettle over time.

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