White, Normal Vaginal Discharge & Yeast Infection

By Patricia | June 2, 2010

Vaginal Discharge Symptoms

Vaginal discharge is typically considered quite normal if white in color and without any odor. Such discharge tends to vary in appearance and also in frequency. The color that it takes as well as the consistency of the discharge from the vagina can be very different at different times. It could have a normal smell or possibly no smell at all or the discharge could give off an offensive or bad odor. However, it is not normal for vaginal discharge to cause discomfort or to cause a burning sensation. From what you have described it appears that there is a vaginal infection present.

Other symptoms include differences in the regular discharge such as chunkiness in discharge, inflammation or redness in that area and pain while urinating. The discharge is usually white but the kind of discharge can differ. For instance, in some cases the yeast infection could cause a discharge which seems a little watery while in other cases the discharge may still be white but it is rather dense. Usually, it is a yeast infection that is behind such symptoms and Candida albicans is the medical term for this fungal infection. This infection affects numerous women across the globe. There is nothing about vaginal infections that should make you hesitate to contact your health care practitioner. It is always better to get that discharge looked at by a doctor who can assess whether there is some other problem. It is recommended that a doctor take care of the fungal problem, especially when it happens the first time.

Home Remedy

A general home remedy which seems to work in cases of vaginal infections would be the ever handy yogurt. One has to remember to get the right kind of yogurt which has the necessary live cultures of lactobacilli to be able to fight the problem that you are facing. A juice which has been championed in cases of such infections as vaginal infections would be cranberry juice. This helps even when you face different kinds of urinary problems. Water is another great remedy which is invaluable when trying to stave off infection. Usually such home remedies can help that discharge problem clear up. Do bear in mind that most vaginal problem can recur so one has to take care to avoid the possibility. Furthermore, if itching is present with the burning, do keep yourself from giving in to the accompanying itch. The area is sensitive and secondary infections can occur because of scratching.

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