Creme of Tartar Benefits & Uses

By Patricia | June 8, 2010

Creme of tartar is an acidic salt obtained through the chemical reaction between potassium hydroxide and tartaric acid. The commercially available variety is in fact commonly used for the purposes of frosting and making candies, as well as for making beaten egg whites more frothy and voluminous and for adding to the richness of the texture and consistency of desserts while preparing them at home. Since it has the chemical property of preventing the formation of crystals, creme of tartar is often used in commercially available baking powder. In addition to its usefulness in the kitchen, creme of tartar also has its uses in keeping away ants and mites from your immediate surroundings. Make a paste by mixing equal portions of creme of tartar and vinegar and smear this paste over those portions of the floor or the walls that are infested with ants. You could also directly put some of this paste around ant holes in order to destroy them completely. This is an environmental friendly means of getting rid of the menace of ants, as commercially available bug sprays contain strong chemicals that adversely affect other plants and animals around.

Creme of Tartar and Herbal Remedy

Besides these domestic uses, creme of tartar has medicinal properties as well. A traditional herbal remedy for arthritis is to grind equal parts of creme of tartar, rhubarb roots and Epsom salt and stuff this mixture into an empty gelatin capsule. This capsule is consumed orally every day in order to relieve joint pains caused by chronic arthritis. creme of tartar can also be used for treating hives. You should gently wash the affected portion of the skin with water and the pat it dry with a soft towel. Now add some water to two tablespoons of creme of tartar and make a thick, consistent paste. Smear this paste in a layer over the allergic rashes on the skin and let it dry on its own for at least 20 minutes. The acidic nature of this paste will not only relieve the itching but also prevent you from scratching your skin. Once it is completely dry, wash this paste off with cold water and massage a small quantity of vitamin E oil over the skin. You may also make a candy for soothing a sore throat at home by using creme of tartar. Boil equal portions of the herb horehound and water for 10 minutes, strain the liquid extract into a pan, add to it half a cup each of creme of tartar, brown sugar and corn syrup, and then boil the mixture at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, let the viscous mixture cool and solidify and cut it into small pieces.

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