Trigger Finger Natural Treatment and Release

By Patricia | April 20, 2010


Trigger finger is known as the condition where the smooth movement of the joints in the fingers gets affected and the movement is jerky or accompanied by a snap. This is a mechanical problem in the joint where the tendons are jammed and do not move until there is sufficient force applied at which point they snap into place. This snapping causes considerable discomfort and pain.

Trigger finger problems tend to arise as a result of aging. However it may be caused in people who regularly grasp or hold things with force. This is an occupation related problem that may be caused by long term use of equipment that require constant grip.

Natural Treatment

The primary treatment for trigger finger is to use a steroid injection. The steroid injection is given to the sheath that is jamming with the tendons allowing it to release the tendon and ease the symptoms. When the treatment ends, the regular hindrance free movement of your fingers will ensure that the tendon and sheath remain in place and do not interfere with each other. Patients may respond partially or completely to this treatment. In cases there is no response whatsoever; doctors may recommend surgery to physically cut off the sheath that is blocking the movement of the tendon. This may also be recommended for patients who have had a partial response to the steroid injections.

Non medical remedies also exist for trigger finger problems. Some studies suggest complete rest for the affected area as a cure for trigger finger. It is possible that a finger that is excessively used has developed a trigger finger problem. This can be caused by the tendons become over stretched or inflamed. In such a situation, it is recommended to completely rest the affected finger. One may also tie the finger to a splint in order to make sure that it does not get bent either intentionally or accidentally.

Some people have reported recovery from trigger finger problems by using a warm compress and massage technique. The massage technique may stimulate blood flow around the area and release tension in the muscles around the joint. This in turn will release the tension in the tendons as they are directly connected to the muscles. This remedy is particularly helpful to those who have a mild case or an intermittent case of trigger finger. In more serious cases, such a technique may not provide sufficient relief.

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