Nasal Congestion Relief Using Home Remedies

By Patricia | October 6, 2009

Nasal Congestion Relief Using Effective Remedies And Treatment : what do you do for Nasal And Sinus Congestion And Acute Sinusitis?

A blocking of the nasal passages is a result of the inflammation of the blood vessels in the nose, leading to a swelling of the nasal membrane. The most common causes of nasal congestion include allergic reactions to pollen or grass, sinusitis or pollution. Aside from interfering with normal sleep routines, a congestion of the nasal passages poses difficulties in hearing, breathing, and clarity of speech and will hamper concentration. Watery eyes, sneezing and headaches are other effects of nasal congestion.

Bacterial growth within the nasal passages causes a swelling of the nasal membrane, leading to constrictions in the nasal passages that do not allow the free movement of air. This in turn, could possibly lead to an inflammation of the sinuses. An infection of the sinuses will lead to tenderness around the eyes and cheek bones, along with a thick yellow green nasal discharge. Tiredness, body aches and nasal congestion point to acute infection of the sinuses and nasal passages.

Remedies And Treatment

The best way to deal with nasal infection is by getting enough rest. When the body is at rest, it gains enough energy to fight the infection. To ease discomfort caused by nasal congestion, it is recommended that the person sleep on one side, with the head elevated. This reduces congestion and eases breathing. Salt water, when used as nasal drops is known to be very effective in opening up the nasal passages. The salt content will help to kill off the bacteria causing the discomfort. A Steam inhalation, prepared with a few drops of eucalyptus oil, is known to give quick relief in clearing the nasal passages and soothing the throat. The steam lowers the pressure on the nasal cavities and helps in reducing congestion. It is well recommended that a person suffering from nasal congestion drink plenty of fresh fruit juices and water, as this helps to thin the secretions and ease congestion. Similarly, hot tea or broth has similar beneficial effect. Garlic and onion, when added to food, help with reducing problems related with the sinuses. Another extremely effective natural remedy for relieving nasal congestion is ingesting the water in which fenugreek seeds have been boiled. Foods such as mango, papaya, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, curds and milk are rich in vitamin A and will prevent any infection of the sinuses or nasal passages. Vitamin C boosts the body’s immunity against bacterial infection and helps to fight colds and sinus infections that lead to nasal congestion.

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