Natural Remedies To Cure Nasal Congestion

By Patricia | July 7, 2009

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Nasal congestions are often the result of a common cold, viral disease such as flu or allergy, and is a far more occurring phenomenon than most upper respiratory tract infections. While most people who suffer from the problem experience rapid mucus production, nasal congestion is actually caused when the nasal membranes get swollen up by themselves. The mucus running out from the sinus cavities does not have an exit place and hence it clogs up until the swelling settles enough for emptying.

Home Remedies

Most people who have experienced this condition will attest that the process of mucus membranes assuming normal position can take a number of days and the entrapped mucus induces a host of other difficulties in the meanwhile. However, there are a number of home remedies that can help in easing the nasal congestions.

If you are prone to allergies, an air conditioner can help to get rid off allergenic substances and other airborne irritants. Patients with nasal congestions can convalesce in a room with a filtered air supply. Vaporizers are also helpful and when used for inhalations, help in obtaining relief from nasal congestion, particularly when certain oils such as eucalyptus or menthol salve are added to the water.

In the absence of a vaporizer you can also try inhaling the steam from over a vessel of boiling water. Some folk remedies suggest the use of certain herbs or apple cider vinegar to be added in the boiling water for faster and quicker relief. Other home remedies that help in easing nasal congestions call for the consumption of foods that are spicy or pungent. One can also opt for hot chicken soup fortified with black pepper corns to open up the nasal passages.

Specific ethnic foods acknowledged for their piquancy are also used as home remedies for nasal congestions. Most people claim to obtain relief from consuming savory Mexican, Chinese or Indian foods that have hot peppers. Some well-known remedies also call for hot basil tea that has medicinal properties to clear the nasal passages while some others believe that a hot spicy tomato soup works just as well in clearing up the nasal membranes.


Make use of warm damp compresses placed under the eyes and the nose to boost nasal drainage. One of the most popular tried and tested remedies for easing nasal congestions is the use of a saline spray. A simple solution made from salt and water can be administered to the nostrils with the help of nasal syringes or droppers to shrink the swollen membranes and promote natural mucus drainage.

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