Uses and Benefits of Glycerin for Your Skin

By Patricia | September 23, 2009

Glycerin Skin Products

Glycerin is a natural alcohol and is common ingredient in a large number of cosmetic products. It is known to attract water and helps in making the skin look healthier and better. A large number of researchers are of the belief that it can be used to treat a large number of skin conditions, such as psoriasis and particular non melanoma cancers of the skin, that are a result of the abnormal maturation and production of skin cells.. It is also known to have wound healing properties. Glycerin lays a very important role in the build up of our skin structure. Our skin consists of three layers; the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer. The collagen and lipids provide cushioning to theses layers and give it the soft appearance. Also present between these layers is glycerin and that too in large quantities. It performs particular functions such as the following: it enters the blood stream whenever the body requires energy and uses up the stored fats. It also contributes towards cell metabolism. It absorbs water or moisture from the air due to its hygroscopic nature.

On account of its versatile nature, it has been used in a large number of cosmetic products over the years. It is not toxic and can be mixed with various other substances without losing its chemical composition or stability. However one should not use it in its purest form on account of its water absorbing properties.

Glycerin Effects Skin

As your query is very vague it is difficult to provide any specific kind of remedy that utilizes the product. Certain skin conditions will call for specific ingredients to be mixed with glycerin for application purpose. Take 5-6 teaspoons of gelatin and mix it with 3 cups of hot water. Make sure the gelatin has dissolved totally. Allow the mixture to cool for some time, after which you can add 6 teaspoons of glycerin to the solution; next add a few drops of rose oil or any other essential oil. This solution can be applied to the face daily; it will help restore the moisture in your skin. Glycerin mixed with few drops of rose water can also be applied to the face. It is always recommended that one seeks the advice of a dermatologist before using any kind of glycerin product to check if it is suitable for your skin or not.

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