Headaches During First & Third Trimester of Pregnancy

By Patricia | September 22, 2009

Headaches are a very common complaint amongst pregnant women. There is no particular period during which headachescan occur during a pregnancy; they can come about at any time during the course of a pregnancy. However, most women complain that the headaches tend to be more during the first and third trimester. During the first trimester there are a lot of hormonal changes that are taking place within the body, in addition to the hormonal changes there is an increased circulation of blood supply within the body. These sudden changes in the body can often contribute to headaches. Some other causes of these headaches could be any of the following: dehydration, inadequate sleep, reduced blood sugar levels, caffeine withdrawal and stress. During the 3rd trimester the headaches are normally due to a poor posture and the increased weight that the mother has to deal with.

Migraine Headaches In Pregnancy

The intensity and frequency of headaches will differ from one woman to the next. For example, women that experience migraine headaches otherwise may discover that their headaches have reduced during the pregnancy, while on the other hand some may feel that theirs are the same or perhaps have even increased on account of the pregnancy. Here are a few tips that could help you with those nasty headaches. Try and maintain a good posture at all times, and make sure that you are getting the required amount of relaxation and rest. Resting in a dark room also works for some people. You can practice breathing exercises while doing this; it is known to provide relief. Try and eat smaller well balanced meals, which are more frequent. This will help in balancing out your blood sugar levels.

Get someone to massage your back and shoulders. This will help reduce any stress or anxiety. A warm compress can also be applied to the head to provide some relief from the nagging pain. A warm bath is also recommended as it helps as a medium of relaxation. You could also apply peppermint oil or eucalyptus on the forehead. They are known to be effective for headaches. A mixture of cinnamon oil and clove powder can also be applied on the forehead to provide relief. However, if none of these remedies work for you or if the headaches tend to worsen and are accompanied by a swelling in the face and hands along with blurry vision, then please contact your physician immediately.

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