Natural Ways To Clean Water & Wax From Ears

By Patricia | March 26, 2010

How to clean out water and wax from ear with minimum risk

The human ear is an organ that is placed inside the head. The external features that we see are actually the cartilage that is designed to protect the ear and to direct sound into the ear canal. It is from here that the sound reaches the ear drum. The ear drum is the actual device that picks up or registers the sound which is then converted into an electronic impulse that passes through the nerves into the brain to be processed.

The ear canal is lined with wax which is secreted naturally by the body and has tiny hair which traps foreign objects and protects the ear drum from any damage. Sometimes, it is possible, that while swimming or taking a bath, one can allow some water to flow into the ear. This may result in some discomfort for you and often it feels like you are hearing sounds from underwater. Water that clogs the ear canal should drain out on its own over the course of the day. However, it may be better to try and remove the water by following some of these tips.

Natural System Of Ear Wax Removal

You can tilt your head to the side that has water in it and move your head around to try and shake the water out. Do not do this too aggressively, or you will feel extremely dizzy. Often, when flying in an airplane, one gets the sensation of the ears popping. This is due to the difference in pressure in the canal in and the air outside. The natural reaction to this is to move ones jaw around and try to swallow. These two actions create pressure differences in the ear, nose and throat canals which are all interconnected. You can try to do the same thing while your ear is blocked with water. You can also try and do the same thing while tilting your head to the side that has water blocked in it.

If the water is allowed to stay for a while, it may cause other problems. Damage can be caused to your ear drum. You may also develop a bacterial or fungal infection if the ear canal is continuously damp, as damp and humid places are known to attract fungus. You can also use a ear bud, like you would normally use, to clean some wax out of your ear. However be very careful not to damage your ear in the process. Do this while leaning to the side where the water is collected. If you are unable to clear your ear naturally, visit your doctor to get it cleared up.

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