Get Energy Burst With Different Yoga Poses

By Patricia | December 5, 2008
Yoga To Increase Energy Levels

Yoga is a therapeutic, energizing discipline. The exercises are designed to heal, maintain, and strengthen the body through a series of postures, breathing, and meditative exercises. These have a positive impact on the body. Yoga helps increase the supply of oxygen to the body and in turn boosts circulation. This gives you a burst of energy and the ability to sustain the day with ease and a sunny disposition.

The body feels tired for various reasons – stress, internal imbalances, lack of sufficient oxygen, etc. Yoga helps correct these conditions, allowing you to enjoy a complete day and reach your full potential. The best practice is to incorporate yoga into your daily schedule. Even twenty minutes of yoga a day, ideally practiced in the morning, bring about the desired results.

The easiest and most effective yoga practice to boost energy is the sun salutation. This is a sequence of twelve yoga postures that are meant to be performed in a seamless and cyclical flow; the more cycles you can manage, the better the overall results.

As the name suggests, these exercises should be practiced at the start of the day, under the bright new sun. Deriving strength and purpose from the energy of sun, these exercises will give the burst of energy you need to successfully start your day. The exercises combine with the sun rays and have a positive impact on the body. You get your share of vitamin D from the sun, and yoga helps boost oxygen supply to the vital body organs, improves blood circulation and sharpens the mind.The sun salutations are a great work out for the entire body. They include a range of postures from standing poses to forward bends and back bends. Your body alignment is worked on, the body itself is stretched and the vital organs and muscle groups are all exercised. It is essential to hold each pose correctly and to coordinate each movement with a breath.

The beauty of the sun salutations is that it can be practiced as a singular fitness routine, practiced in a long cycle, or it can be used as the perfect warm up routine either for an established yoga routine, or for any other form of exercise that you may prefer. If you are having a hectic day and feel the energy dwindling or if you are running late and can’t spend time at the gym, a few cycles of sun salutations will do the trick. However, it is important to practice regularly to achieve the best possible results.

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