Difference Between Kundalini Yoga & Normal Chakra Meditation

By Patricia | December 5, 2008
Kundalini Yoga Spiritual Benefits

How Is Kundalini Yoga Different From Normal Chakra Meditation

Yoga follows the principle that the body has several focal points of energy. These points are known as chakras, and run on a linear pathway, from the base of the spine to the crown of one’s ear. Through chakra meditation the dormant energy stored along the chakras can be channelize, which in turn leads the body and mind to a higher path.

The practice of Kundalini yoga is often referred to as a “psycho-spiritual” meditative discipline. It taps the dormant energies in the body and brings this vital life force, known as Kundalini energy, to the fore. It channelizes this energy to induce a spiritual state of bliss and awakening. Through the practice of Kundalini yoga you can access and open the chakras as well as strengthen them further, ensuring a free-flow of pure energy through the body.

Kundalini yoga is often referred to as “Yoga of Awakening.” It is an ancient practice, and is classified as one of the oldest forms of yoga. Kundalini yoga is spiritual in orientation and differs greatly in comparison to the more popular and oft practiced forms of yoga. It has multiple facets to it and doesn’t focus solely of the balance of the mind and body, but also facilitates a spiritual awakening.
Kundalini yoga incorporates postures, breathing, hand, and finger movements, meditation, and chanting within the routine. The exercises are dynamic and rhythmic, and stimulate individual and spiritual growth along with creating a healthy and balanced body and mind. Thus, although Kundalini yoga is akin to Chakra meditation, it combines yogic techniques with Chakra meditation to boost the spiritual benefits.

Kundalini yoga has many benefits: on the physical side of things, this form of yoga ensures a healthy and strong body; it boosts the nervous and glandular systems; it strengthens the body’s immunity; it helps boost lung capacity and also improves breathing; and it helps the body fight off addictions.
Kundalini yoga is a great self transformation tool: it aids in stabilizing and balancing emotions; it helps achieve mental clarity; it relieves tension, stress and depression as it creates a sense of happiness and peace; it helps develop a self confident and self aware personality; it also facilitates a spiritual awakening as it allows you to achieve the highest form of consciousness and to be one with the universal self.

It is very important to attempt Kundalini yoga under the guidance of a trained professional; when done incorrectly the results can be just as damaging, resulting in mood swings, depression and even psychosis.

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