Yoga Poses For Improving Blood Circulation To Your Legs, Arms and Entire Body

By Patricia | January 14, 2009
Poses For Improving Blood Circulation

What Exercises|Stretches Can I Do To Increase Blood Circulation?

Yoga asanas or poses are excellent for improving blood circulation to your legs, arms and the entire body. For good blood flow in your body you need to have a healthy circulation system in your body, which can ensure unobstructed oxygen and blood, flow to every part and organ in your body. Yoga also helps in problems related to the brain like stress, tension, anxiety or memory related problems as it increases the blood and oxygen flow to your brain thus making it function in a healthy manner along with the rest of your body. The long deep breathing and consciously relaxing the body and concentrating helps to relieve stress and calms you down making you feel peaceful. There are several kinds of poses or asanas in yoga that work in a specific manner to improve the circulation.

Some of them are

  1. The standing poses that stretch and tones the lateral wall of your heart so that there is a healthy flow of blood to the walls.
  2. Inverted poses that increases the flow of blood to the brain and prevent tissue degeneration. It also helps to rest the lymphatic system of the legs that has to constantly pump the blood upwards.
  3. Horizontal poses that help in providing rest to the heart and lungs and rejuvenates them thereby reducing blood pressure problems.
  4. Bending poses that help to tone the cardiac muscles and also increase blood circulation.

Some Other Poses Are

  • Gomukhasana Or The Cow Face Pose – This pose helps in making your mind peaceful and your body energetic by stimulating blood circulation. It is also beneficial in reducing fat from the thighs, stomach and arms. Besides this asana also helps in treating constipation, piles and rheumatic arthritis.
  • Sarvangasana Or The Whole Body Pose – This pose helps by increasing the flow of blood to the face and neck and thus reduces and prevents the sagging muscles, wrinkles, hair fall, etc.
  • Matsyasana Or The Fish Pose - This pose helps by increasing blood circulation and strengthening the entire respiratory system.
  • Vrikshasana Or The Tree Pose– This pose helps to improve your balance and concentration.
  • Bhujangasana Or The Cobra Pose – This pose helps in curing problems in the neck and abdomen and constipation as well. It also improves blood circulation, strengthens the spine and helps to treat the problems related to it.
  • Sirshasana Or The Head Stand – This pose is excellent for improving blood circulation to all parts of the body. Since this is an inverted pose the blood rushes to all the parts of the body.
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