Padmasana: The Best Pose For Meditation For Alignment

By Patricia | January 14, 2009
Padmasana For Meditation

Why Do People Do Certain Yoga Pose During Meditation

Meditation is a practice where you observe your mind, where you focus it one point and make it still. It helps you to achieve a clearer mind, greater strength of your will and purpose improves your concentration and also helps you to discover the tranquility and peace within you.

The best pose or asana for meditation is Padmasana or the full lotus pose. It is done so that your body is aligned and you sit still and straight. It also keeps you relaxed and alert as well. Besides this some people also sit in Ardha Padmasana or the half lotus pose as it is easier for beginners and does not put too much strain on your legs. You don’t necessarily have to sit in these poses for meditation. You can sit in any comfortable position as along as you are alert and do not fall asleep. The best position is where your spine is straight so that you remain alert. If you have a lower back injury or lack the flexibility for the above mentioned poses then you can also sit on a chair or choose a position that is comfortable for you for a longer duration. While sitting on a chair make sure that you keep your spine straight, keep the soles of your feet on the floor and do not cross your legs, You may also sit against a wall so that it supports your back but this should only be done in the initial stage as you should not depend on any support while meditating. You can also use cushions or mats to sit on as they place your hips higher and thus help to relieve the tension from your knees. Whatever you sit you need to ensure that the surface is firm but not too hard or too soft. You must start by practicing meditation for a few minutes initially and then increase the duration. It must not strain you physically or mentally but must be a peaceful experience. You can try the following poses or asanas for meditating:

  • Sukhasana Or The Easy Pose – This is very easy as the name suggests and is the most common.
  • Vajrasana Or The Rock Pose – This pose is easier for some people than the others. This pose also improves digestion.
  • Siddhasana Or The Perfect Pose – This pose is good for the nervous system and it also directs the sexual energy.
  • Padmasana Or The Full Lotus Pose – This pose improves your concentration and stability. Those who suffer from knee injuries should avoid it.
  • Ardha Padmasana Or The Half Lotus Pose – This pose is less strenuous and easier than the full lotus pose.
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