Yoga Poses For Improving Muscle Endurance, Strength & Flexibility

By Patricia | January 14, 2009
Yoga And Physical Endurance

Yoga And Muscular Endurance

Yoga builds your muscular endurance in a systematic, gentle controlled manner. Regular practice of yoga asanas or poses improves the balance, flexibility and muscle endurance and strength. Yoga asanas also improve your mental performance, increasing concentration, boosting alertness, increasing self knowledge and focus. Yoga asanas or poses are exercises and like any other exercise form they help to tone and strengthen the body and improve muscle endurance and strength. The practice of yoga poses is started by stretching, expanding and softening the inner body in order to become strong rather than becoming tough or hard. Most of the poses are muscular endurance exercises. The Navasana or the boat and the plank pose develops awareness of our gut area and also help to build the endurance in our core body thereby supporting the entire musculoskeletal system. Other asanas like the arm balances, Sirshasana or the headstand and handstand also help to improve the core strength.

The resistance in yoga is provided by your body unlike the other weight training methods in which you need to use weights for resistance. This might not give you the bulky look that you get by weight training but it surely increases the actual strength of your muscles. Other methods of exercising are mostly fast, but yoga asanas or poses are done in a slow, controlled manner, where you need to hold the pose for a longer duration. This is actually not as easy as it sounds, and in fact it is very challenging for even those people who have regularly been exercising with other methods. Yoga poses like Salamba Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand and the Vrikshasana or the tree pose require a lot of muscle control and balance so that you do not fall down; this helps to increase muscle strength and endurance. In most other regular modes of exercising you only concentrate on strengthening and tightening the muscles, and as a result you get tight, short muscles. But during yoga asanas you not only concentrate on strengthening and tightening the muscles but also on lengthening them as a result of which you get a beautiful toned look. Yoga makes you work out as a whole and includes both your body and mind. There is also a reduced risk of injuring yourself as you are not working out and straining just one part of your body but you concentrate on strengthening the entire system.

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