Yoga Poses For Arteriosclerosis

By Patricia | March 27, 2007
Yoga For Arteriosclerosis

We are one of the fattest societies in the world. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arteriosclerosis and that sort of thing. That is very unhealthy. I don't think it is a function of an obsession with exercise. It's a function of eating too many pies and being obsessed with too much TVs.

I'm perfectly happy for those who you don't like exercise. You may derive the same pleasure from a box of doughnuts, 2 liters of coke and an afternoon of DVDs that I do from jogging. Good luck. I, for one, don't care less about the long-term health benefits. Perhaps I'm likely to die before you, the way I clown about. But I feel I'll leave a more fulfilled and good looking corpse. Saying you don't believe in the benefits of workouts by is poor argument.

I for one am convinced that regular workouts, especially the practice of Yoga help prevent disorders and ailments like arteriosclerosis. This is mainly because relaxation helps control blood pressure. It also improves blood flow and makes the arteries and veins more elastic. Yoga, especially, helps reduce the stress, a major contributor to heart disease.

I know that people who practice Yoga are able to consciously control their autonomic or involuntary functions, such as temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure. Yoga creates a balance in the nervous and endocrine system which directly influences all other body systems and organs. There is no doubting the fact that Yoga is a very effective curative and preventive medicine. Yoga is a holistic remedy. It blends the faculties of mental peace and improved concentration and power, with a relaxed state of living, good relationship and harmony with people.

A number of poses and breathing techniques help manage cardiovascular health.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose) is the preferred yogic asana for relaxation. Practise shavasana for at least 15 minutes, daily.

Sun Salutation: This is recommended for cardiovascular health. Do at least 5 to 10 cycles daily. It will help to strengthen your heart and help to prevent heart attacks.

If you already have heart problems, you may find the Sun Salutation too strenuous. Hence is not recommended. In this case, you may substitute the following poses instead:

Also, deep breathing exercises such as Ujjayi are helpful for cardiovascular health. You should also do Anuloma-Viloma, but these should be done only after Kapalabhatti.

But most important for Arteriosclerosis is a Yogic Diet. I believe it is extremely important to avoid foods that kill. These include, margarine and other hydrogenated fats, junk foods (hamburgers, pizzas and hotdogs), fried, smoked, grilled foods, soft drinks - Coca Cola, Pepsi, soda pop and alcohol.

Ideally speaking, your diet should consist of: foods that heal. These include rice malt, barley malt, carob, fruits, carrots, unrefined sea salt, vegetable juices. if you include sea foods and unrefined sea salt in your diet algae, you will not have craving for sugar and sweets as they contain trace minerals chromium and vanadium.

An important part of your regimen should also be water cure. This is simple. Drink more water. Five to ten glasses of pure water each day are required to improve your body's functioning. Besides helping your digestive system, getting enough fluids will give you fresher skin, clearer eyes and more shining hair. Try drinking several glasses of water before diving into a snack to see if that takes care of your craving. Since fruits are largely made up of water, they are perfect choices for a mid-afternoon treat.

Take some time to implement and learn all what you have read here, and then start practicing.

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