Prevent Hands And Feet from Slipping on A Yoga Mat

By Patricia | October 8, 2008
Prevent Hands Slipping On A Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats

The yoga mat helps in creating a personal space and a boundary when yoga exercises are done in groups. But, a common problem faced by many is that one slip from the yoga mat as mentioned by you. If your hands and feet are slipping on your mat you could hurt yourself. The main difference here lies in using a well worn version of a mat rather than your new shiny clean mat. Your yoga mat needs to be worn down a bit. Yoga mats should be cleaned before their preliminary use. Thereafter they can be washed depending on their usage. To accelerate the aging processes run it through the washing machine using a mild detergent.

As you keep using your mat it will soon acquire a slip free surface. If sweaty arms are causing you to slip try placing a hand towel across the mat. You can use it to dry your hands and place your palms on the towel when doing poses like the downward facing dog pose. Just make sure the towel is on the mat so it doesn't slide. If you continue slipping you may want to look into some anti-slip product available in the market which provides extra traction. You will find rubber mats, cotton mats, imported mats, cheap imitation mats, non-slip yoga mats etc. You can even find environmentally friendly mat; made from 100% recycled materials!

A yoga mat is an important prop to keep while practicing yoga as this can help a lot in practicing a position or asana on it especially when the yoga position is complicated. As mentioned by me, the non – slip yoga mat available in the market can be an answer to your problems. Non-slip Yoga mats are used for other activities as it’s a multi purpose mat.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The non-slip yoga mat is a great way to do yoga particularly for a beginner. Moreover this mat is washable and totally maintenance free. As such it’s a very good investment to make. Experts rate it better than cotton or rubber yoga mats, because even though the former is airy and effortlessly washable, they can be particularly slippery at times. Hence you should be very careful in what you choose. This will also influence your exercising capability, understanding and affinity towards yoga. Select a yoga mat that’s lightweight, slightly curved at the corners, has a great grip and feels really incredible!

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