Improving Cardiovascular Health Through Yoga

By Patricia | October 8, 2008
Yoga To Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular problem and heart diseases are common problems of modern times. Many conditions like improper diet, lifestyle, sleeping pattern and negative thinking trigger heart diseases and affect the cardiovascular health. These problems are witnessed now not only in the old-age but also the young generations are falling prey to such impairments. The way of life today needs to be changed to improve the cardiovascular health.

Yoga is India's precious gift to the World. Yoga is holistic, preventive as well as curative for all heart related problems. Modern medicines and drugs are expensive and have various side effects. These are in fact more curative rather than preventive. In turn, yoga is easy to learn and has many benefits. Yoga is an economical and alternative system of healing. It helps in relieving stress, enhancing health and improving fitness. It is today being widely used to prevent and treat various diseases of the heart. It results in wholesome healing. The Yogic way of life helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. And, in fact, helps in improving the cardiovascular health. Your body, mind and spirit are intricately interrelated and constantly influence one another. The science of yoga that is holistic has been designed to have subtle effect on our whole being, body, mind as well as spirit. The all-pervasive stress and stress-induced disorders like hypertension and angina are fast growing epidemics and bane of today's modern society. The science of yoga is the best method for prevention as well as management of stress and stress-induced disorders.

To improve your cardiovascular health, a complete yoga program should be a way of your life. Four main parts; First involves exercises (Asanas), especially the Sun salutation set of yoga exercises are recommended. At least 4-5 cycles a day help to strengthen the health of the heart and help to prevent heart attack. Second, breath control (pranayama) – proper breathing through the expansion of lungs; Third, sleep control (yoga nidra) – time and lastly mind control (meditation). Yoga training promotes emotional and physiological balances which invariably have an effect on the cardiovascular health. The benefits are enhanced heart health, lowered blood pressure, reduced chronic stress, boosted immune system and overall improvement in the cardiovascular health of an individual. Also there is an improved management of day to day stress, improvement of cardio respiratory functions and overall fitness. In the following ways, Yoga can be used to improve cardiovascular health.

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