Olive Oil And Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss

By Patricia | June 23, 2010
Olive Oil Diet

An olive oil diet is considered to be a very healthy diet by many. Olive oil lose weight is a common enough belief by a lot of people and is also considered to be a very healthy diet. Olive oil weight watchers consider olive oil a good substitute to most other oils in their diet as olive oil is known to have no cholesterol and also to be very low in its sodium content. Olive oil also contains no sugar. Olive oil calories per single cup size are counted as only about 216 grams. Olive oil is considered to be the most important component of any Mediterranean diet. A light olive oil diet will provide a person with plenty of vitamins and is also one of the largest exponents of the monosaturated fat. Olive oil weight loss will always be a healthy weight loss with out too much of loss in vitamins. Olive oil trans fats is very beneficial for most people. The beneficial effects of this oil are primarily because of these fatty acids and also because of the presence of antioxidative substances.

Many studies have indicated that olive oil can protect a person against heart disease. This is primarily due to its control over the bad cholesterol levels in a person. Olive oil can be digested quite easily by most stomachs. In fact this oil is known to have a good effect on gastritis and ulcers. It is also considered beneficial in reducing any gallstone formation in the human body. Extra virgin oil is found to contain even higher levels of certain antioxidants, mainly Vitamin E. it also contains more phenols. Olive oils are considered by many to be good oil. This is mainly because it is said to be one of the healing fats.

Olive oil has also been found by many research groups to have a beneficial effect on those suffering from colon cancer. Olive oil in one’s diet may actually help in preventing against colon cancer occurring.

Olive oil can be got in various ways. It can be extracted by crushing olives or by pressing olives. Depending on the level of processing the variety of olive oil is found to differ. Some of the kinds include extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and pure olive oil. There is also extra light olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the best among these.

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