Chakra Meditation Music & Tibetan Sounds

By Patricia | June 24, 2010
Chakra Meditation Music

Ancient civilizations believed steadfast in the power of the life force and the healing energies that run through us. This energy is known by many different names in different civilizations. While the Chinese call it ‘chi’, the Hindus know it as ‘kundalini’ or ‘prana’. This energy is believed to have a healing force which helps in naturally cleansing the body of any ailments, diseases or other problems that you may be suffering from.

Reiki Guided Meditation

According to some of these civilizations, there are specific energy centers in our body where this healing energy is concentrated. If these centers or ‘chakras’ are invoked, this healing energy can be guided and channeled throughout the body. Alternative healing techniques like Reiki, use meditation to recharge these chakras and heal the body. However, to perform this ‘recharging’ a form of meditation is required.

Tibetan Sounds For Sleep Chakra

Many people, who have mastered the art of meditation, are able to do chakra meditation using chants. However, others who have not reached the advanced stage in which concentration and focus for meditation comes naturally, use yoga meditation music. This music is prepared specifically to help practitioners concentrate. Such music is also prepared to help in the practice of other forms of meditation. Tibetan sounds for sleep chakra meditation is one example of such music.

The music not only has harmonious sounds which can help soothe the mind, but also incantations which can help in chakra guided meditation. The narratives between musical pieces can guide you through the sequence of chakra meditation. Meanwhile the chakra meditation sounds help to calm your senses and quiet the mind so that it is easier to focus and concentrate on the energy flow through the body.

Chakras Music

Chakra music uses binaural beats which help target all the seven chakras in the body and stimulate them. For each of the chakra, the frequency levels of the sounds vary. These changes in the frequency levels rejuvenate all the seven chakras and help them stabilize. Chakra healing music may also help you distress as you focus your mind on healing the body. When your mind is thus devoid of any stress, you can feel the body relaxing.

Since chakra healing is used most widely in Reiki, it is also often referred to as Reiki meditation music. The music, due to its de-stressing qualities, can also be used in your day to day routine in order to relax and take your mind off worrying and stressful events.

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