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  • Normal Walking Speed

    Average Speed Of Human Walking, Jogging & Running

    By Patricia | October 18, 2010

    The normal walking speed of a human varies depending on different factors. The length of one’s stride, walking surface, physical condition, age, and sex all determine normal walking speed. You should remember that the normal walking speed for you will ...

  • Calculate Distance Walked

    Calculate Walking Distance

    By Patricia | September 12, 2010

    Many people are keen on knowing how to calculate walking speed and also to calculate walking distances so that they can accordingly determine the number if calories burnt which is true especially in the case of those who take up ...

  • Tips To Walk Normally

    Normal Or Average Walking, Jogging & Swimming Speed of a Human

    By Patricia | September 12, 2010

    Walking is an excellent form of exercise. As it comes naturally to us, it is easier to start an exercise routine with brisk walking as opposed to say jogging or other intense physical activity. Having said that, merely ambling along ...

  • Walk On A Treadmill

    Race Walking On A Treadmill

    By Patricia | September 9, 2010

    Walking On A Treadmill Walking on a treadmill for fitness and to lose weight is commonly being practiced by people all over the world. Many people tend to prefer a treadmill to actually going outside for a walk as the treadmill allows ...

  • Walking Vs Jogging

    Jogging And Swimming Vs Walking

    By Patricia | August 29, 2010

    Both walking and jogging have their own benefits. They help to tone the muscles and improve cardiovascular health. An exercise which makes you sweat also enables your body to flush out toxins. Those who walk or jog on a regular ...

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