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  • Play Tennis Burn Calories

    Calories Burned Playing Tennis: Table Tennis | Walking | Sports

    By Patricia | October 24, 2010

    The various benefits as well as the importance of exercising regularly are well known in today’s world. Yet, there are thousands of people who do not set some time apart to exercise, mainly because they are not inclined to do ...

  • Calorie Estimator

    Daily Calorie Burning Amount And Requirements

    By Patricia | October 24, 2010

    In today’s day and age, most people have realized the importance of being slim and fit and are therefore turning towards a healthier lifestyle. This means losing weight in the right manner, without following a fad diet. The best way ...

  • Marathon Training

    Running And Walking Marathon Training Program

    By Patricia | October 23, 2010

    In the past, a “marathon” defined a race, where the participants had to run on the road. However, in the recent years walkers have become an integral part of marathons too. Therefore, race walking marathon events have become very popular ...

  • Walking Machines

    Walking Machine For Exercises

    By Patricia | October 23, 2010

    Using the exercise walking machine has become an excellent way of losing weight and burning off the fat. There are several people who prefer walking on an exercise walking machine, as a regular part of their workout, as it is ...

  • Benefits Of Walking

    The Benefits of Water Walking

    By Patricia | October 23, 2010

    Walking as an activity is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and the medical benefits of walking should not underestimated. Before getting into the details about the benefits of walking and the more effective practices, one should grasp the ...

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