Walking Machine For Exercises

By Patricia | October 23, 2010
Walking Machines

Using the exercise walking machine has become an excellent way of losing weight and burning off the fat. There are several people who prefer walking on an exercise walking machine, as a regular part of their workout, as it is possible to know how many calories have been burned during a walking session. Moreover, when using a walking machine at the gym, you can choose the speed, at which you want to walk, based on your level of fitness. The number of calories burned on an exercise walking machine is more or less the same as walking outdoors or on a track. However, the advantage of an indoor exercise walking machine is that you will not be exposing yourself to pollution or the sounds of vehicles on the street. Instead you can make your workout routine more effective, by listening to your favorite or some motivating music. Some people may find working out on an exercise walking machine safer than walking on the road, especially during the later part of the day.

Apart from an exercise walking machine, there are several other types of exercise fitness equipment that can be used at the gym. Gym equipment can be divided into two broad categories, which include machines and weights.


The use of free weights is one of the most basic forms of bodybuilding and workout equipment. They are known as “free weights” simply because there are no weight stacks, pins, cables or pulleys attached to them. Instead weights often consist of barbells, dumbbells and so on. In addition to dumbbells and barbells, some of the most common equipment that is used at most gyms include:

  • Abdominal bench
  • Chin up bars
  • Dipping bars
  • Hyper extension bench
  • Power racks
  • Preacher bench
  • Smith machine
  • Squat racks
  • Stability Ball (also known as the Swiss Ball)
  • The arm blaster
  • The EZ curl bar
  • The Tricep bar
  • Weight plates


Machines can be used in order to perform a wide variety of exercises, with special focus on a particular muscle or body part. There are some machines that have a multi station, which help the whole body to work out. Some of the machines most commonly seen at the gym are:

  • Leg press machine
  • Exercise walking machine (also known as the walking machine gym)
  • Calf machine
  • Hack squat machine
  • Leg abduction machine
  • Elliptical exercise machine
  • Leg extension machine
  • Pec dec machine
  • Lat pull down machine
  • Exercise running machine
  • Adduction machine
  • Leg curl machine

While machines may be safer and easier to use, than free weights, they do not stimulate the muscles as much as the weights do. Therefore, it is best to include the use of free weights as well as exercise machines, like the exercise walking machine in your workout routine.

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