Race Walking On A Treadmill

By Patricia | September 9, 2010
Walk On A Treadmill

Walking On A Treadmill

Walking on a treadmill for fitness and to lose weight is commonly being practiced by people all over the world. Many people tend to prefer a treadmill to actually going outside for a walk as the treadmill allows them to continue with their fitness regime in the comfort of their own home or gym. Walking treadmill workout is known to be highly beneficial to an individual as it allows one to perform aerobics which is one of the most effective exercises that tends to give the body a complete workout and benefits rather than concentrating on a specific set of muscles such as ones biceps or abs. Walking treadmill exercise is also one of the most effective and easiest ways to burn calories and thereby lose weight. Many people also prefer walking on a treadmill because for doing so one nether requires neither any special training nor a vigorous warm up. Walking on a treadmill at a comfortable pace tends to result in the burning of almost 200 calories per hour whereas race walking treadmill workout will allow the individual to burn almost 700 to 800 calories in an hour. Thus walking vs running on a treadmill tends to burn lesser calories but gives an individual an excellent cardiovascular workout none the less. Some of the advantages of using a treadmill are that it is an easy and excellent way of performing various cardiovascular exercises as compared to other complex cardiovascular exercises that are also available. The regular use of the treadmill for walking not only gives the individual the benefits of an exercise but also boost their endurance levels. Additionally, walking on a treadmill has lesser chances of the individual getting injured as compared to working out on other complex machines at the gym. The treadmill workout also tends to offer the benefits of a reduction in impact on account of some sort of shock absorption which in turn results in lesser strain on the back, knees and ankles of the user. Walking on a treadmill is also safer as compared to walking outdoors on the road or in unfavorable weather conditions or traffic and other such factors which could prove to be hindrances. Walking on a treadmill is also known to increase ones aerobic capacity  and one is able to monitor and measure  ones performance  in the areas of step count, amount of calories burnt and the heart rate so that the intensity of the workout can be modified accordingly.

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