Normal Or Average Walking, Jogging & Swimming Speed of a Human

By Patricia | September 12, 2010
Tips To Walk Normally

Walking is an excellent form of exercise. As it comes naturally to us, it is easier to start an exercise routine with brisk walking as opposed to say jogging or other intense physical activity. Having said that, merely ambling along may not be sufficient to help in burning off excess calories. Walking at a brisk pace helps to exercise muscles and use up more energy and therefore burn more calories. The best part about walking is that one can gradually include it in the daily routine and increase the pace of it without feeling uncomfortable. Walking is a gentle introduction to the world of fitness.

Each individual is unique and that is also true for each person’s walking style. The average walking pace of a person depends on a lot of things. Age, level of physical fitness, gender and even height and weight contribute to how fast a person can go while walking. In very general terms, the normal walking speed of a human being is 3 to 4 miles an hour. Females may walk at a slightly slower pace, depending on the height and build of the individual. As one grows older, the speed in mph decreases for physical activity. The pace at which senior citizens walk can be anywhere between 2.5 to 3 miles an hour. As one grows older, the chances of disease increase. It is therefore vital to keep oneself healthy by eating well and exercising daily.

Average Human Running Speed

Jogging is becoming an increasingly popular method of staying fit. Like walking, it does not need any additional equipment. A run around the neighborhood is a cheap and easy way to stay healthy. The average jogging speed is anywhere between 4 to 5.5 mph. This can go even higher depending on the level of fitness of the individual. Like walking, jogging will also depend on a lot of factors. Typically, males can cover more ground because of their overall build and size. Introducing children to jogging is an amazing way to instill fitness habits at an early age. The speed at which the child jogs will depend on the age, weight and height of the child. Children who are training to become professional athletes will have differing speeds as compared to their contemporaries. In jogging, the length of the stride will determine how fast you can go. Simply speaking, the taller you are, the longer your stride, and therefore the faster your speed. This tells us that there is a definite correlation between height and speed of an individual.

Using a treadmill is another method of staying fit. Treadmills are an important fixture of any fitness center and give us the opportunity to jog or walk in a controlled indoor environment. Treadmills provide various speed and incline options that one can adjust according to individual preference. In addition, working on a treadmill is said to be easier on the joints as compared to running outdoors.

Average Human Swimming Speed

Swimming is also a popular method for keeping fit. It is fun and also strenuous and can break the monotony that jogging can create. Like running and walking, the speed of swimming depends on factors like age, weight, gender and level of skill.

Walking, jogging and swimming are popular forms of physical exercise in today’s world. Including these activities in your daily routine is a super way to stay healthy and fit.

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