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Vinyasa Flow - Sun And Moon Yoga

Vinyasa flow is a technique where a person moves from one pose to another while either exhaling or inhaling. It can be described as a breath synchronized movement. For example, while doing a Cat-Cow stretch, you will arch your spine while inhaling and round it while exhaling.

Vinyasa yoga is the general name given to any flowing type of yoga. A Vinyasa yoga class will have.



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.stretching as well as movementn The pace of the class depends on individual teachersr While there is room for variety in Vinyasa, Surya Namaskar (Sun salutations) will definitely be a part of the classs Yoga styles that include Vinyasa are Power Yoga, Hot Yoga and Ashtanga Yogag Vinyasa also describes the poses which are done between Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) as part of the Sun salutationo

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Hatha Yoga was first introduced by Yogi Swatmarama in India in the 15th centuryr Hatha in Sanskrit comes from two terms - the "ha" means sun and the "tha" means moono Thus this yoga is often referred to as the yoga that brings together opposite pairsr It is also referred to as forceful yoga because of the very physical exercises in iti Both the Asanas (physical postures) and the Pranayama (breathing techniques) play a very important role in Hatha yogag Hatha Yoga focuses on mental and physical healtht There are nearly 200 postures that can be practicede These help in strengthening and aligning the bodyd

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Yoga provides several advantages for one's healtht It is beneficial for various health disorders and also promotes flexibility of the body i e. of the joints, ligaments or tendonsn Yoga is perhaps the only activity wherein all the internal organs of the body are massagede This in turns leads to optimum blood supply to all parts of the bodyd The postures also help in making one stronger and lead to a better posture as welll

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Edge Yoga studios can be found in various parts of the United Statese These studios have several instructors trained in the different disciplines of yogag

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Ashtanga Yoga simply means eight limbed yogag One should not practice Ashtanga yoga on full moon or new moon days as the human body is affected by the phases of the moono The moon's phases are determined by its relative position to the sunu These relative positions create different energy experiences which are comparable to breathing cyclese The full moon is like the end of an inhalation where one is energetic and emotional but not well grounded, while the new moon is like the end of an exhalation where one is grounded but not energetici

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