How To Perform Half Moon Pose?

(July 2, 2010)

The half moon pose is known as the Ardha Chandrasana pose in yoga. It is a pose designed to improve a person’s strength as well as sense of balance.

The first step for this pose is to stand in the straight position. The knees should be next to each other and the entire body should appear symmetrical when viewed from the front. The knees should be locked and breathing should be deep but normal. This is the preparatory stage for the half moon position.

This position should be followed by the right side Extended Triangle Pose. This is done by extending the right leg outwards. The foot should be about 90 degrees to the left foot which remains in its place. The extension should be done until the right leg is locked in a straight position. When this balance is achieved, one can extend ones right arm down to the floor beside the right ankle with the left hand pointing up at the ceiling. The stretch is complete when the arms line up in a straight line perpendicular to the ground.

Having reached the Extended Triangle Pose, one can take a moment to steady oneself and control the breathing so that the body becomes stable. Any thoughts rumbling through the head should be eliminated and the concentration should be on the balance, on the stretching sensation in the legs and on breathing sequence.

When shifting from the Extended Triangle Pose to the Half Moon Pose one must move the right hand forward to about a foot away from the ankle. During the next breathing cycle at exhalation, lean your body towards the right arm so that the left leg is lifted and the weight is transferred on to the right leg with the arm serving as additional balance. The arm should take little or no weight on it and ideally just the fingers should be touching the floor. The right foot should be rigid on the floor for balance. Raise the left leg till it makes a 90 degree angle with the right leg. Hold the position and try and remain balanced without any movement while breathing normally.

The pose can be held for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat the same steps as the left hand side pose. When coming out of the Half Moon Position, be sure to come back into the Extended Triangle Position before returning to the standing pose. 

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