Yoga Exercises To Prevent Osteoporosis And Arthritis

By Patricia | June 23, 2010
Exercise For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is known as the thinning and the weakening of a person’s bones. This tends to make the bones fragile and thus more likely to break. The biggest cause of this osteoporosis condition is the hormone known as oestrogen in women. This hormone is very necessary for a woman’s bone health.

Exercises osteoarthritis actually works in two main ways. There is one exercise that is aimed at strengthening a person’s bones. When one does the correct form of exercise then it actually aids in reducing the bone quantity one is likely to lose and also in helping to boost a person’s bone density. Thus a person’s bones are now less likely to break. Exercises osteoporosis prevention mainly ensures that the person improves their stability and balance and is thus less likely to fall now. There are various different kinds of exercises one can do. These include exercises arthritis, ab exercises osteoporosis and stretching exercises osteoporosis. The correct exercise equipment osteoporosis will also be required. Another form of exercise is the yoga osteoporosis. This is also considered a beneficial form of exercise that helps in keeping osteoporosis at by. Exercises osteopenia is further branch of exercise that is included as helping fight against this condition.

Half of most of the spine fractures are due to serious falls. Similarly most broken hips are also the result of bad falls. Thus besides doing exercises to improve one’s bone heath, one also needs to do exercises to lose weight. Exercise is also considered great for a person’s heart health and is known to have innumerable other benefits. One should encourage the youngsters to get into the habit of exercising as the young bones actually respond much better to exercise. Bones achieve their peak strength when the individual is around 30 years of age. Hence post that it is essential to exercise and stay fir and thus stall any bone loss that might occur. The main key is to do some weight bearing kind of exercises. These exercise help in placing a person’s bones under some kind of stress. This then further works in making them stronger. For those who are older than 70 or who are aware that they have osteoporosis, these individuals should take additional care and get a doctor’s advice on the type of exercise that should be done. When managing a case of osteoporosis one should opt for aerobics or dancing. One can also play badminton or tennis. Running, jogging or skipping are also considered beneficial.

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