Fat Burning Exercises

By Patricia | June 23, 2010
Exercises To Burn Fat

There are several workout routines which help to burn fat. It is suggested that exercise should be done first thing in the morning or at least 30 minutes to an hour. Exercising in the morning is said to burn at least three times the fat as compared to any other time of day. When a person sleeps the body uses up carbohydrates as energy for various bodily functions that happen even when a person is sleeping. Weight lifting exercises burn fat as do ab exercises burn fat. Similarly exercises burn fat build muscle and leg exercises burn fat. When a person is awake energy is taken from the food consumed. Hence in the morning since there are no carbohydrates the body will burn body fat to use. Exercise should be done on an empty stomach.

Another reason is morning workouts keep your metabolism elevated. Thus exercises burn calories through out the day. Two workouts in the day are recommended as exercises lose fat. Skipping meals does not help burn fat. Instead eat breakfast as it gets your metabolism started. Eating during midmorning or at noon time instead of at the right time will cause your metabolism to run slower and no fat will be burned. Eating 3-4 small meals is recommended in instead of eating a heavy lunch or dinner as this will keep your metabolism running the entire day thus burning fat throughout the day.

Cardio exercises burn belly fat. Consistently working out every day will help burn body weight faster. Exercises burn fat fast and can be mixed up at regular intervals. There are two kinds of cardio workouts the slow and steady workout which is for approximately 45 minutes to hour or the high intensity workout which is for approx 20 min. a mix of both are recommended for best results. The other forms of exercise that are found to help burn are aerobics, swimming, bicycling running, walking rowing and skiing. The other high intensity cardio exercise includes sprinting, jumping rope.

Brisk walking is said to burn approx 180 calories in 30 min. aerobics is said to burn approx 400 calories in approx 30 min and swimming the breast strokes approx 400 in 30 minutes. The other way to burning fat is eating the right kinds of food which help burn fat. Fruits like apples, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, cranberries mangoes all are known for their fat burning qualities. Aerated drinks are to be avoided for those want to burn fat. Tomatoes, spinach, radishes to name a few vegetables along with exercise routines help burn fat.

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