Prana And Kundalini Yoga: Differences And Seven Chakras For Your Spiritual Growth

By Patricia | April 27, 2009
Prana And Kundalini Yoga

What is the difference between prana and kundalini in yoga?

Yoga is an exercise of the body and mind that has been around for centuries. This ancient discipline originated in India around 2000 BC. Yoga aims to integrate the body, mind, and spirit through various techniques like asanas or physical exercises and pranayama or breathing exercises.

In yoga, Prana is the notion of a vital, life-sustaining energy or force within living beings. It is similar to the Chinese notion of Qi. Prana is believed to flow through the entire body and any disturbance in this Prana is believed to cause harm to the body. The Prana is further classified into subcategories, all vital principles of basic energy.

The first type is called Prana itself and it deals with the heart and circulatory system. The second one is Apana responsible for the elimination of waste products from the body through the excretory system. The third one is Udana and it controls the vocal apparatus of your body. The fourth one is Samana, responsible for the digestive system and metabolism of your body. The fifth one, Vyana, is all- pervading and takes care of the contraction and expansion processes of the body.

Kundalini, on the other hand, means a corporeal energy, an unconscious force within all us human beings. Each person’s Kundalini comes from his or her chakras or energy centres. There are seven chakras in a human body located at major centres. The first one is Muldhara or the base chakra located in the spinal cord, which is required for control of bodily functions. The second one is the Swadhisthana or sacral chakra in the ovaries or prostrate area, which is necessary for procreation. The third is Manipura or the solar plexus chakra, responsible for the naval and abdominal area. The fourth is the Anahata or the heart chakra. The fifth is Visuddha or the throat chakra responsible for all vibrations from your body. The sixth one is the Ajna or brow chakra located in the eyes. The last one is the Sahasrara or the crown chakra and is responsible for your spiritual growth.

Pranayama in yoga is the practice where control of the prana is achieved through regulating your breath. Different breathing techniques are used to manage the movement of the vital energies within the body. Balancing the energies will result in increased vitality. Kundalini yoga focuses on spiritual well-being and aims to raise the level of your consciousness. It comprises a set of techniques that work on communication between the body, mind, and spirit.

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