Yoga Poses To Get Back In Shape After a C-section

By Patricia | April 27, 2009
Exercises After C Section

Post-Cesarean Yoga Exercise Program Suggested for Recovery

  • On day 1, focus on breathing deeply. To protect your incision, while breathing, apply gentle pressure on your stomach with your hand or a pillow. You can also start the pelvic floor exercises immediately, within tolerable limits.
  • On day 2 and 3, continue the exercises you started on Day 1, then add the pelvic tilts (side-lying or sitting), hip hikes and leg slides, again within tolerable limits. The specific instructions for these three exercises will be available with your personal Yoga trainer.
  • On day 4 and 5, if you can get up and walk around without difficulty. Now, you may slowly increase your breathing exercises. Check for abdominal and back pains and, if necessary, do some corrective exercises and postures.

On day 6, do all the exercises of the previous days, adding pelvic tilts on all fours.

Advancing your Post-Cesarean Exercises

As your progress in recovery Post-Cesarean Section increases, gradually add some more challenging abdominal postures and exercises. These would include the specific exercises as directed by your personal Yoga instructor such as simple twists and bends. The key here is maintaining consistency without trying to push yourself too much, but rather remain within tolerable limits; remember to always listen to your body.

For good scar tissue to form, normal tissue healing would take around 5 – 6 weeks. It would therefore not be advisable to progress to vigorous or exacting exercises and postures before this period. After six weeks you can slowly start stretching and abdominal strengthening

A wonderful way to regain your core strength, Post-Cesarean Section, or at any point of time in life, is by doing Phalankasana (the Plank Pose). This pose closely resembles isometric exercise and helps to build deep, enduring abdominal strength.

Don’t hesitate to use a Yoga exercise ball as and when you feel you can, or need to. It is another excellent way to regain your core abdominal muscle tone and a welcome progression from the mundane abdominal exercises you do on the floor or on a Yoga mat. Exercises for the abdominal muscles are a crucial part of the healing and recovery process post Cesarean Section.

But, all the while, listen to your body; resist the urge to push yourself too much. If you experience any pain at all, stop the exercise. It may take a little while to restore those stomach muscles back to normal, so don't be too hard on yourself. You must exercise a certain amount of caution in your exercises till your stitches heal, working into your exercises gradually.

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