Kapal Bharti: Is It Beneficial for Losing Excess Fat

By Patricia | November 3, 2008
Kapal Bharti: Is It Beneficial for Losing Excess Fat

Kapal Bharti, or Kapal Bhatti as it is also known, is a form of Pranayama. Pranayama is a form of breath control that is an integral part of the ancient Indian discipline of Yoga. Pranayama literally means the 'breath of life'. The word 'prana' means life or breath. Thus, Kapal Bharti Pranayama helps a person to control and regulate the process of breathing. Breath is the single most important element to sustain life. Through the process of breathing, we nourish the cells of our body with oxygen and remove the accumulated carbon dioxide from it. Sadly most of us forget how to breathe deeply and properly. Instead we become used to taking shallow breaths that do not utilize the full capacity of our lungs.

When the cells do not receive sufficient oxygen, they become sluggish. This in turn results in a sluggish metabolism that can result in excessive weight gain. Pranayama teaches us how to breathe deeply and fully once again so that a proper supply of oxygen is delivered to the entire body and the waste products are completely removed. It also helps to ensure that the various organs perform their function properly and enervates the metabolism.

Pranayama consists of several breathing exercises. Ideally these exercises should be performed in the proper order as instructed by a Yoga teacher. The best way to perform Pranayama is to start with Udhgeet, followed by Bhrastrika, Kapal Bharti, Agnisaar, Anulom Vilom, and Bhramri.

Kapal Bharti is a part of Pranayama, and although it can have significant weight loss benefits if performed individually, it is most effective when performed with the rest of the Pranayama exercises. Yoga Kapal Bharti involves taking short breaths and exhaling forcefully. The stomach is also made to move in tandem with the breathing pattern. This exercise not only improves breathing, but is also a good abdominal and chest workout. Thus, Kapal Bharti can have a beneficial effect on reducing excess fat from the chest and stomach.

It must be realized that although Kapal Bharti is very beneficial in losing excess fat, by itself it will not lead to significant weight loss. In order to lose weight you will have to combine Kapal Bharti with regular exercise and a proper diet. Yoga is an ideal form of exercise to reduce obesity and promote good health. Since Kapal Bharti is an integral part of Yoga, the benefits will be significantly if it is performed as a part of the rest of the Yoga asanas.

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