Which yoga pose is beneficial for urethral stricture?

(August 16, 2012)

Urethral stricture is basically a medical condition that is characterized by the narrowing of the urethral tube. This tube performs the primary function of expelling the urine out form the body by carrying it from the bladder, out of the body. Urethral stricture may be on account of scar tissue from a surgery or disease or injury or even on account of an inflammation.

Along with the standard medical treatments for urethral stricture, you could also opt for yoga as one of the supplementary treatment options. Vajrasana (Diamond pose) is known to be an effective yoga pose for urethral stricture as well as any other urinary problem as it is associated with the genito – urinary system. In fact this yoga pose is also known to be beneficial for the digestive and sexual organs as well. Vajrasana is known to considerably improve the functioning of the entire urinary system if performed correctly and on a regular basis.

The urinary system in the human body is an essential part of the digestive system as well and the various yoga poses when practiced regularly can prevent the development of any disorders in the urainary system as well as prevent an existing ailment from worsening.

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