Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises, Stretching & Strength Training

By Pratt | September 29, 2011
Cardiovascular Exercise Benefits

It is a well known fact that exercising is very important for people of all ages. There are several forms of exercise that are suitable for people of different ages and physical fitness levels and there are various benefits that have been asso working out, so that they can exercise more effectively and at the same time, reduce the risks of injuries. Hence, every warm up session should include mainly stretching exercises.

  • Benefits of stretching in the morning: After a good night’s sleep, almost everyone feels the need to stretch a bit, to loosen up their muscles, which tend to become stiff during the night. This not only relaxes the muscles in the body, but also improves the circulation of blood.
  • Benefits of stretching after exercise: Several people are aware of the importance stretching before exercising, but not all know about the benefits of stretching after workout. Stretching after an exercise routine helps the body to relax and balances the tension in the muscles that have just been exercised. This is known as the cool down session, which should be a part of every strength training or cardio regime.
  • Benefits of stretching before running: Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion on stretching and running. Most people believe that stretching exercises should only be performed after a running session, as a part of cool down. However, this is not true, as stretching before a run can help prevent injury, increase stamina, improve performance, add strength and decrease soreness in the muscles.
  • It is important for all people to get advice from a fitness coach on the most effective workout routine.

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