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By Pratt | September 30, 2011
Girl Beauty And Fitness Secrets

There are several health tips for girls of all ages that have been recommended by fitness and health experts. Given below, are some of the most common health tips for girls:

  • Keep the body well hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. This may be slightly difficult for younger girls and teenagers; however, they should make it a point to drink at least half a glass of water every hour.
  • Eat at least 5 small meals a day, without skipping any meal, especially breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. A good breakfast should include at least one fruit, some milk, cereal and eggs too.
  • Avoid junk foods as far as possible, as it only contains calories, without any nutrition. Instead pizzas and burgers can be prepared at to wash the face thoroughly, at least twice a day.

Fitness Tips For Girls

Fitness forms an important part in keeping us health. Some of the fitness tips for girls include:

  • ¬†Get at least half an hour of exercise, around five times a week. Activities that are perfect for girls and women of all ages include walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, aerobics and so on.
  • ¬†Avoid crash diets like the plague; instead make some dietary changes to include healthy weight loss tips for girls. This means eating a higher amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in the day. Fried food, oily food, junk food and so on, should be restricted significantly.

There are several health tips for women too, which have been recommended by health experts, for women who are much older.

Most of the health tips for girls and women mentioned above are fairly safe if used correctly. However, it is best to check with a doctor, before using any of them. This is more important for girls or women who are suffering from any preexisting health condition. If any of the health tips for girls trigger off an adverse reaction or side effect, it is best to stop using them and keep a doctor informed about it.

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