Achieving Spiritual Experience Through Meditation

By Patricia | October 21, 2008
Achieving Spiritual Experience Through Meditation

There comes a point in life when we ask ourselves if we are happy with just being who we are; if we can be something more; if we can grow and explore our full potentials; if we can reach some higher plane of existence. There comes a point in life when we all look towards a new, more spiritual path.

If you too are looking for an effective way to awaken your spiritual side, meditation might be the key to your success. Meditation is a mental discipline which involves focusing the mind's attention on a single point of reference in an effort to achieve complete stillness of mind. It harmonizes the mind and body and lights the path towards self actualization and self awareness.

It is important to note the following point when you begin this quest for spiritual growth:

Face your Weakness – In order to reap the benefits of spiritual growth it is absolutely essential to acknowledge and evaluate your weaknesses. Everyone has shortcomings. It is nothing to be embarrassed about, it's just human. However, we usually tend to ignore these faults; we either sweep them under the carpet or pretend like they don't really affect us. Being honest with yourself is the first step towards spiritual development. If you can't honestly list out your own shortcomings, how can you improve on them? And how can you hope for spiritual growth without improving on these weaknesses?

Regular practice of meditation makes the mind span and confident. It is capable of accepting and assessing its strengths and weaknesses without hesitation or pretense; a span mind is half the battle won.

Change – Once you've identified what needs to change, it's time to change. Spiritual growth is an intensely personal and internal growth. One is required to introspect and act. You have to shed the cloak of pretense and strip down the posturing in an effort to find your true self. It involves a drastic change in your beliefs and ideas of self and reality and the acceptance of a higher plane. These aren't easy changes to make. It takes great emotional and mental maturity to achieve these goals. This is where meditation can help you. Regular meditation helps build, strengthen and maintain emotional and mental health. Meditation helps you to focus and concentrate on your goals more efficiently. Through increased awareness, you recognize your full potential, which enables you to pursue a higher end.

Control the Mind – Our minds are cluttered with nonsense, everyday trivialities. The constant activity and chatter is distracting. It dulls the mind's ability to concentrate and focus. Through meditation you can learn how to control the mind and clear it of this chatter. Meditation teaches you to detach from the trifling details and hold a still mind. This induces a sense of serenity, paving the path towards spiritual growth.

The longer you practice meditation, the more beneficial are the results – absolute inner peace, high positivity, clearer vision of reality and the ability to shape it, increased sense of happiness and confidence. You are able to connect with the highest panes of the mind and spirit.

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